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(Sacramento) – Assembly Speaker Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) released the following statement regarding Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s State of the State address:

“Clearly the state of the state is better than it has been in years. And, as I’ve said, that’s thanks to voters and to the partnership between the Governor and Legislative Democrats. What we heard in the Governor’s State of the State address this morning is that there is plenty of room for that partnership to keep right on delivering for the people of California.

“Assembly Democrats, who led the effort to create the state’s Rainy Day Fund, support the Governor’s call for responsible budgeting, and the Governor has shown his willingness to make meaningful budget improvements, like adding the state EITC to last year’s budget.

“In the State of the State, the Governor typically emphasizes austerity. The Assembly’s responsible approach to budgeting allows us to consider posterity, too—building a state with stronger schools, fewer children in poverty, greater economic opportunity, and continued environmental leadership.

“Sometimes the news coverage of the State of the State often seems to focus on looking for an ‘adult in the room.’ Again, the adults in the Legislature, together with the Governor, built the state’s rainy day fund, and we have passed balanced on-time budgets five years in a row.

“We expect this year to build on this pattern, with even more smart budgeting to guard against future economic downturns while also making important investments – starting early this session with increasing funding for developmental services.”

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