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statement regarding the passage of legislation addressing tobacco and e-cigarette usage:

"Studies have shown that Californians spend more than $9.8 billion treating the effects of tobacco use every year and $3.5 billion is billed directly to Medi-Cal. Raising the legal smoking age will help lower the number of young people who use tobacco, and that means healthier Californians and lower costs for taxpayers. Advocates have said this is the most sweeping tobacco regulation in 50 years. California led the way for the nation with a workplace ban, and the restrictions in bars and restaurants. We are leading the way again."

Information about the Second Extraordinary Session bills related to tobacco can be found here.

Below are links to audio of Speaker Atkins and Speaker-elect Anthony Rendon talking to the media after the floor votes:

Speaker Atkins says the passage of the package of tobacco related legislation is good news for California and Californians. (:21)

Speaker Atkins says it's great to see California again leading the nation when it comes to tobacco regulation. (:11)

Speaker-elect Anthony Rendon says there was substantial opposition to the legislation, which makes passage of the bills even more significant. (:14)

Speaker-elect Rendon says there's no truth to complaints from Republicans that the legislation did not follow normal special session procedures. (:11)

Speaker-elect Rendon says a united Democratic Caucus was the key to passing the tobacco legislation. (:07)