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What Others Are Saying - The Inauguration of Toni G. Atkins

Assemblymember Jim Frazier, District 11

"I want to commend and congratulate my colleague and dear friend Assemblymember Toni G. Atkins on her much deserved position as Speaker of the "People’s House." Atkins has proven herself as a leader and it will be my privilege to work with her to bolster California’s business climate, increase infrastructure and housing, and ultimately create living wage jobs for Californians."


Assemblymember Chris Holden, District 41

"I look forward to working with Speaker Atkins in the weeks and months ahead as she tackles some of the major issues facing California: the water crisis, tackling the budget and growing California’s economy."


Assemblymember Das Williams, District 37

"As admirable as her accomplishments are and as endearing as her Appalachian charm is, they are not why we elect her as our next Speaker. It is her convictions, organization, integrity, and graciousness."