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A Budget for All Californians

(Sacramento) – While the Trump administration’s budget is filled with horrible cuts to programs that help seniors, middle class families, the working poor and the most vulnerable in our country, the Assembly Democrats’ state budget blueprint is built to help ALL Californians. #protectandpersist

Trump Blvd Littered with Broken Promises

(Sacramento) – Trump promised to take American on the road to greatness but Trump’s Blvd to better days was built on lies and now his budget plan is littered with broken promises. California Assembly Democrats’ budget plan keeps the promise of a greater America and lefts up all Californians.

Preliminary Highlights of Assembly Subcommittee Actions

Protect & Persist Budget

  • Framework:
    • Uses Department of Finance forecast through 2017-18.
    • Allocates $1.6 billion to maintain past budget and Prop 56 commitments.
    • Relies on $2.9 billion in fund shifts/internal financing to cover the costs of the $1.5 billion Medi-Cal accounting and other costs to generate General Fund savings.
    • Funds $1.2 billion in new General Fund Commitments, of which $800 million is ongoing.
    • Results in $10.2 billion in total reserves, including $1.7 billion in the Regular Reserve and $8.5 billion in the Rainy Day Fund.  Under the LAO growth forecast, total reserves will grow to over $18 billion by 2020-21.
  • Highlights:
    • Earned Income Tax Credit.  Increases support for the working poor by expanding the EITC to the self-employed and to incomes up to $22,300.  In addition, provides $2 million for outreach to ensure more eligible Californians get the tax relief they need.
    • Access to Health Care:  Implements Prop 56 to expand access to health care, dental care, family planning services, expanding coverage for young adults, and others.  Restores Medi-Cal services, such as full dental care and eyeglasses.
    • College Affordability:  Rejects call to end Middle Class Scholarship and holds all lower and middle income CSU and UC students harmless from recent fee increases with dollar-for-dollar increases to Cal Grants and the Middle Class Scholarship.
    • College Access: Redirects $50 million from the UC Office of the President to increase enrollment by 5,000 and provides $38 million to CSU to increase enrollment funding.
    • Prop 98: Increases Prop 98 funding by $3.2 billion.
    • Early Education: Increase child care and full-day preschool slots and increases child care eligibility requirements, including establishing 12-month income eligibility for families.
    • Human Services:  Protects county funds to provide welfare to work services, establishes diaper assistance and home visiting for CalWORKs recipients, and restores CalWORKs and SSI/SSP COLAs effective 2020-21.
    • Flood Protection:  Improves dam safety evaluations and requires development and review of emergency action plans and inundation maps.
    • Transportation: Provides $2.8 billion from the recently approved SB 1, including $1.7 billion for local streets, roads, and transit, and $600 million for capital outlay.
    • Affordable Housing:  Protects the $400 million set-aside in last year’s budget and allocates the funds to specific programs to improve housing affordability.
    • Board of Equalization Reforms:  Builds on recent oversight efforts led by the Budget Committee to begin necessary BOE reforms.
    • Courts: Increases funding for Dependency Counsel, Court Reporters, and Equal Access Fund.
    • CalGRIP: Continues full funding for the California Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention (CalGRIP) program.
  • Next Steps:
    • The full Assembly Budget Committee will officially adopt the Assembly Version of the Budget at the May 25th Hearing.  A comprehensive report of the Assembly Version will be available at that time.
    • The Budget Conference Committee will begin meeting the week of May 30th.
    • The Final Budget will be ready for passage by the Legislature on June 15.