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Governor Jerry Brown acted on a number of gun safety bills passed by the Assembly that could mitigate some of the violence associated with firearms.

Most importantly, Governor Brown signed:

Assembly Bill (AB) 1135 and Senate Bills (SB) 880 and 1446

Gun manufacturers created an end run around California’s assault weapon ban with “bullet buttons” that allow mass shooters, like the ones in San Bernardino, to swap out their gun magazines within seconds. Thanks to legislative action, the “bullet button” loophole is closed. Further, no Californian may possess a magazine that holds more than 10 bullets.

AB 1511

California requires background checks to buy a gun, but anyone can borrow a gun from a friend or acquaintance for up to 30 days. AB 1511 limits gun loans to only close family members; where there’s a better chance the gun owner knows their background.

AB 1695

Falsely reporting lost or stolen firearms is a tool straw buyers use to get guns in the hands of individuals legally prohibited from owning them. AB 1695 makes it a crime to knowingly file a false report that a firearm has been lost or stolen.

SB 1235

Unregulated ammunition sales are as much of a problem as unregulated gun sales. SB 1235 requires a background check to buy ammunition and a license to sell it in California. It also creates a new way of collecting needed information for law enforcement about buying ammunition.

State Budget Action

The Republican Congress keeps blocking efforts to study gun violence. Contained in this year’s State Budget is money for the creation of a new University of California center for researching gun-related violence.

Further, the Legislature included $5 million in additional funds for local law enforcement efforts to keep guns out of the hands of those on the armed prohibited persons list.